News; Lace front wig is your ideal choice

Published: Monday 03 January, 2011

The first is human hair hand tied cranial prosthesis. This wig type usually consists of a class of materials, Polyester mesh, wire, single wire, silicone, polyurethane or thin skin is very thin. In front of the ear pieces, and nape area can have special non-slip material. In some types of it might have a thin transparent Ribbon material, this will help to adhere to the surface. On the hair with different types of Asia, India, Remy and European hair.

Due to the sustainability of lace wigs for two years, if once in a while, up to a maximum of six months, if you often wear, this must be a worthwhile investment. Its main characteristic is the hair and root, breaking up, it appears to be an increasing number of hair from the scalp of their rights. This is because each hair is made from hand-sewing on lace wig cap or base. The most common first two lace wig base for the thin skin appearance and lace polyurethane. Today, it has become an economical choice, this is now one of the classes to access the budget. You can get very cheap units from the stock lace front wigs of the manufactures. That will help you a lot on saving cost.

Now, you know, that you put your wig, delete it, lace cut hair around. Add new skin protector forehead lines and lace wig perimeter. This protects the skin colour, make lace front wig cleaning up after a breeze. Scalp protection should be completely dry before using small brush applying adhesive hair. After applying the wig from forward. Wig place just gently in your hair at the top of the line. Comb the stability you lace wigs.

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