News; Don't damage your lace wigs by wroing application

Published: Saturday 01 January, 2011

Girls often need the repair, because they like to cut the hair around all remaining lace individual careless newly bought a wig. You can also do a single maintenance of essential skills in their thoughts and self-healing, wig property. For example, for a tiny hole in tears and application transparent nail polish can function properly, block more setbacks lace corrections. Lace front wig application of solvents. Especially for those who made this lace wig solvent in the market can be of many. While these solvents can be more easily removed soften adhesives.

Don't end up with a website, claiming that their units will appear in a photo, because there are not many times. I believe many people will agree with me. Therefore, you can easily buy one, and reduce your trusted architect, dyes or curl it mimics the celebrity photos. Because the project is a typical problem that most people keep a close track, then of course you can try to make yourself more about different payment. Application as the wig, it is convenient for you to switch to your current hair than before.

Front lace wigs and full lace wig or mortgage of unique adhesive tape. This is also called wig tape. Are you ready for hair. If your hair is long, into cornrows it. If you have short hair, purchase and apply lace front wig cap. On the forehead, around using remove dirt and oil, can disrupt your lace alcohol or hamamelis. Wipe out the wig Sling operation is so difficult. You can use a tape adhesive remover spray. Get into a very cauda wig or bread first. Then spray down there already attached lace wig hair remover. Wait several minutes for the license of lace. Wig after a relaxing peeling adhesive remover spray adhesives. Once more lace front wig, not too hard, when you lift the lace. Delete after the wig, you now can wash the Elimination of adhesive tape.

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