News; Don't just throw away your damaged lace wigs

Published: Friday 31 December, 2010

Your lace wig is not made cheaper let you think is only naturally to throw away or if you find some bugs. The lace front human hair wigs you can style and curl, electric irons, washable, settings, like natural hair. As regards the combing and brushing teeth will bring many resources on the Internet, including video display system how to use the Working Group should enjoy the right of long-term care. Very simple, with the passage of time can lead to weakening the relationship between hair brush, slip and bald spots on the device is visible. My suggestion is for daily care of large Combs. You can get it at beauty shop or the manufacturers in order to these terms.

The most important and step you have to do is simple, clean, and your wig, and allow it to air dry, easy and convenient to put on the head of the model. Second, check the hole for any size organization. If you find any big hole, you can repair the use small needle and invisible seam together, prevent further tearing off or. Fix larger holes, you must purchase an additional lace, applies to tear the area and its surrounding edge sewing. However, if you find some flaw does not require a needle or a line, simply use the clear nail polish in the region, in order to prevent further tearing.

Lace front wigs can continue for many years the appropriate care. Therefore, when we send our wig, our goal is to provide a part of hair care nursing education. Very often, look for the "what cann't do", the hair is a myth that women from one thing to skip to the next looking for a solution. We try to educate select high-quality products and the use of appropriate technology, because hair need nursing care is very standard customer, irrespective of its growth exceeds your scalp or attached to a wig.

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