News; How about their lace wigs?

Published: Sunday 19 December, 2010

Lahtela banks is photo'd looking for yesterday in Los Angeles Airport. So intense, I know you can do to your hair. Is behind the new trend of wig? lahtela banks already know wears in her programme lace wigs, and on the red carpet, brown color, sometimes beautiful and blond highlights. Beyonce, often considered the Queen's lace wigs, Blondes, particularly with the black color of the root and hierarchical.

I propose to do with your foam head wig styles. If you do, is super careful lifting, and put it in the future. If you do design it in your head, placed on your head firmly the wig. You may want to use for styling the chin strap. Use stainless steel brush, brush gently start from the front, side and back hair towards the Crown. Do not worry. Be careful not to expose the wig cap around the bottom of the line. This style is basically a France flavor, this means that you want to basically a wind from neck to tail hair, then high roll tail vertical air return. PIN with high, low Bobby pins.

This spy, "Jenny spare no expense, when it comes to her face. Because of her hair is the actual length of the shoulder and quite thin, so she always try the wig with new style. "Well, I like this work, she's dressed in concert. If the mark is a good boy, she even let him and after its programmes. As long as he did not receive it gum. This will be a ground for divorce. When you want to change your look simple, convenient, why not try this long Jean Le wig? this wig is black, light black or blond hair available. Central mouth, long waterfall will attract any one night to put all the attention right kind of curly hair ... Or!

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