News; More tips about human hair wigs

Published: Tuesday 14 December, 2010

On the market, most of human hair wigs are produced by Asian hair. Most Asian hair comes from China, while the high-quality Asian women who live in the hair from India or Pakistan. The nature of Asian hair thick, flat, often color is deep. Obviously, this is a great hair for black straight wigs-making, but for making blonde curly wigs, it must go through several steps of bleaching and other chemical processing. Therefore, damages to the hair are unavoidable and wig looks may look very good when it's new, perhaps in a few months it becomes dull. But with wig care products, this won't be a big problem. And you do not have to go the virgin human hair which may not so fabulous as the treated human hair(we often call it remy hair).

When mention the human hair wig, most people will have the lace wigs in mind. In fact, human hair wigs consist of many types. Human hair lace front wigs, human hair full lace wigs, human hair mono top full wigs, human hair hand tied wigs, human hair machine made full wigs, human hair top piece and so on. The human hair mono top full wigs even work better than the human lace front wigs. Because they do not need to apply glue but can be put on as the common wigs with inside hooks. Men often take this kind of wigs, as well as the human hair top piece. Anyhow, human hair lace wigs are the main trends for various kinds of hairstyles application. The front lace or full lace bring the most natural hairline. Plus the baby hair applying, human hair lace wigs are well deserved to be named best looking wigs.

As I mentioned at the begining, remy hair is the majority human hair material for lace wigs making. All remy lace wigs are good looking and soft handling after some treatment. Therefore, many people went to Remy hair, because this is the ideal wig material and also the largest application for male and female. Remy hair comes from India and Europe, because they are soft, but also by their excellent service, because it can be a high-quality texture, and to some extent, it seems completely simply because it creates the actual registration style hair, also increased its type. In essence, the real hair has not been refined chemical substance in any way for the European hair. A real hair is Remy may arise from any kind of hair, and do not require real hair. If Remy hair with very good maintenance it may last for many years.

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