News; Know more about curly lace front wigs

Published: Friday 10 December, 2010

The celebrities' ever changing dazzling curly hair are attracting you very much? You can hardly even name their hairstyles much less do them on yourself. But don't be hopeless at all! Take custom lace front wigs to achieve any curly hair style you have seen. Before you make orders of custom lace front wigs, more knowledge will help you much to get a great lace front wig. Hair types, hair colors and hair lengths are all important options. You may have read much about these tips. Today, we just talk the curls types of curly lace front wigs in more detail.

There're six curly types of the curly lace front wigs: Afor curl, Spanish curl, Water wave, Deep wave, Loose wave and Body wave. Are you surprised at the variety of curly lace front wigs? All the types I mentioned are the most common styles you can see here and there. Ok, let's learn them one by one. If you do a search on google images, you will know better what I said here. Anyhow, it's simple to identify them: they are defined by the size of the curls. And the name is very picturesque that makes you remember them easily!

Afor curl: It's the massive very small curls with features of black women. It always looks "big" and doesn't designed in many layers. Spanish curl is with a bit bigger size curls than the afro curl. This type will be sure to turn heads. This hair texture is soft and bit coarser than silky textures. Layers of spanish curl is very attactive. Most lace front wigs for black women are made in Afor curl and Spanish curl. Water wave is of small-medium curls which with the features like it's name: water. Deep wave is the most common one. It's the medium size curls loved by American and white people. Loose wave is of curls larger than the deep wave. It's more casual and natural. Body wave is the largest curls of the curly style. This is the most natural look of white people especially for European.

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