News; More convenient to apply a lace wig now

Published: Wednesday 08 December, 2010

Many people applied lace wigs with great joy and pain. If you have tried hard to learn how to wear a lace wig properly, you will understand what I said about pain. For both full lace wig and lace front wig application, you will never wear a wig without glue. That is necessary for an invisible and natural hair line. It's defferent from the lace wigs in the past, most lace wigs today come with inside clips which can help you securely fix the lace wigs. So it's much easier to apply lace wigs than before and you will spend less time on wearing.

Because of the convenience of the new construction, I also can attach my lace front wig skillful now. My lace front wig came with 3 steel clips inside. The front is transparent lace and the back is carefully machine weft. I think it's a very good construction cap which always makes the wig in place. I apply the glue when I finished wearing my wig properly on my heard. It's very easy and fast to daub the glue along my frontal hair line. Really very convenient to apply lace front wig! That is why I love the lace front wigs with inside clips. I do not need to worry about anything after wearing it on!

Press start on the basis of the mirror, slowly slide the seat of the mirror. Adhesive should immediately on the slide, lace and mirror. Repeat this process until the base of all areas clean. Application of solvents on your hair, let loose adhesives. Gently comb with a fine tooth comb your lace wigs removing glue. Continue to comb the hair, the slow with solvent until glue completely deleted. Don't use your hair comb. This will cause hair loss. You should gently to remove any remaining adhesive bonding agents, solvents or alcohol or wig tape residues. Be patient and allow time to soften the solvent residues.

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