News; Who's short hair like a wig?

Published: Sunday 05 December, 2010

If you often feel doubtable about some celebrities' perfect hair look, it's not strange at all! Wigs are made out so skillfully that most people can scarcely be distinguished from natural hair. Actually, some of them were really wearing wigs. Although anyone could have seen with half an eye that beyonce was wearing super short lace front wigs, you can hardly recognize some natural style wigs with the same tone color of the users. That is why people doubt the hair a wig more often. And the trends will be that, people do not like to talk one with real hair or wig, but how is her/his look. Wigs will be widely accepted by people both in fashion world and daily life.

Elisa Neil long dark brown hair have to pay close attention to the neck and ears along neckline into a horny feeling around. Start at the top part of a high angle is measured by a longer length and decomposed into attractive, went to a side of her face, probably a wig smooth lines. Don't despair, as many are from a good hair wig replication. Gel will help this hairstyle. In fact, the lace front human hair wigs even can achieve a better look that hers. It's a piece of cake!

Katharine McPhee to have long black hair, and usually wear a fringe or not along her sides. She has from one end to the other end of the pendulum and a beautiful beige color and smooth Platinum, so that her hair, lying on her head close to her hair layers appears. Ear of coverage and her heavy Liu down, and moulded side. Her short hair behind one in her neck a little rough short length. Then, some said she was wearing a wig. 

Rihanna wears short clips that are behind moved her ears tight her short hairstyle. Her Crown flow smooth and indelible length near one, comprehensive and her top and along the side. Her hair was a undercover to mixed with thin platinum this is her choice to cover your hair like a hat in thread nearest her face is black.

Whether you believe it or not, for Katharine McPhee and Rihanna hair look, some of our cheap synthetic lace front wigs can do the same! So, as I said at the beginning, it's no need to care much about real hair or wigs. That is the same with the discuss of make up or not. Nobody will hate you if you make up.

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