News; Apply some special creativities to the bangs!

Published: Thursday 25 November, 2010

When ladies luckily get nice lace front wigs, most of them are totally satisfied with what they have. But some of them was still seeking extras they can do to the wig. Anyhow, very few people will be satisfied a wig all the time. That is why so many people have their human lace front wigs to restyle or dye. To have a trim of a lace wig before wearing is the most common step people will do. But do you think you can also apply some special creativities to the bangs? What else you can do with it? Let's get some tips.

The first step, make a proper and careful cut! That is very important. Don't expect too much of the lace front wigs with bangs, no one can accurately cut a suitable bangs style for you without yourself presence. You should decide a cut according to your face shape. You should avoid full bangs of straight cut if you have a round face. The bangs styles which can give your some height will be suitalbe for you. If you have a square face, keep far from blunt bangs and go for feathery and wispy bangs instead. You definitely don't want your face looked sharper and bigger. That is why you have to avoid blunt bangs. Bangs with height will make your heart shaped face look more proportional. In this case, you should look for thicker side bangs for your face. The best bet is a curly, almost fluffy bangs if you have a tin and long face. The curlier the better. It will be a counter balance to the long face.

Then, think about colors. You may have a 2 ton colors of your lace front wigs. It's not a bad idea to get the bangs in defferent color with the hair color. Mixed colors and highlighted colors will bring you additional vigour and loveliness. Don't you think it's amazing to plait your bangs to braids? Wow... I can not help myself to practice this idea to my cheap human hair lace front wigs. If you get more idea, please don't be a niggard but share with all of us!

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