News; A professional study of cutting bangs!

Published: Wednesday 17 November, 2010

If you are a lace wigs user, you must be very familiar with the steps to apply the wig. You may do each step very well. But did you get nice bangs during the lace front wig application? Sellers they do not trim bangs themselves but leave it to your creation. Most lace wigs are free style which you can trim bangs style and do partition from anywhere you want. Today, we take some professional steps to create bangs for the lace front wig.

Like cooking, you want to have everything ready for the start, to avoid frustration! all products placed on the desk or other preferred location build-up of wig hanging. Put your wig, PIN to a PIN or T-sewing machine needles, head large foam wig head.

First, make sure the ear tag to center the ear, it should be and their feet. Measurement of the nose and hair line and foot in the same place of the Center door so you have a very good reference distance in the stadium. And then the foot central defender. Stretch your wig is getting a nice, tight fit. Keep hands around the wig, until you think it is safe. Typically, five or six PIN to you. Please send your wig wig hanging fixed. Separating out the hair section, you want as a fringe. Use clips, keeping separation. Take large claw clip and give it a rest of the hair. Use the wig brush lightly brush out a little bit of hair.

Now, we have to adopt our hair cutting machine, so that the initial cut. The length of the initial cut on the Chin. Get one on you want to know where to drop the fringe, a few inches of the eyeball, longer to compensate for undercurl poof. Keep to a new level, in your memory length.

Brush hair into a center of wedge and hold it directly from the forehead. Start cutting, bottom to top. Working time, bottom to top. It, okay, so its administrative officer, the Chief Officer is not completely straight. Then, the Avenue of stars of beauty of tiered! let fringe to check the length. You can repeat the above steps if you want to go short. Please remember to allow some room for undercurl! now you might have a fringe full way interesting confusion. This is because different lace front wig styles and production methods. It, Avenue of stars, curling time! separating out of two parts: the top and bottom layers, but you can crimp flat, if you want to cut fine fringe or just a small change. Use the top-level clips. With a plastic clip and the next roll. PIN directly PIN to and alongside the wig head. Top of repeated use. Now you'll get a PIN exposed hair rolled up explosive area.

Now your wig is dry, cancelled the top and left some crisp, unwrap tight little curls. Brush poofy new wig brush fringe. It, the style in the Avenue of stars. This will be the wig Venus! carefully checked to ensure full conformity with their own style is need it! 
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