News; How Tyra banks to get so fabulous hair

Published: Tuesday 16 November, 2010

In her view of TV Show(tyra banks show), as everyone knows, she wear human hair lace wigs, wigs, or hair weaving of most of the time. Tyra makes a let everyone know that she wore in her TV show lace front wigs and hair weaving. She's been talking about wigs and hair weaving several times in her program.

Latest news about the whole thing is interesting, it's two times. United States of America, often display skinty white as a beautiful woman to play a role. But the black community to keep hair problems of good or bad hair alive.

It from childhood. Lahtela black mother to her little daughter Perm, children cry, scream in this process. But of course, the children happy smile, because later on her hair looks better. During the exhibition, one of the most tragic moments, is a young girl who likes to wear a wig blonde Meng Hannah, because she didn't like her own hair. "I think there are better whites than blacks hair," she said.

Her new look is avant-garde, but at the same time short features a soft, the back of your neck and long fringe. There is a steep angle, rounded corners, all to make a perfect match for her powerful and oblong face.

Woman says that her hair, because it has a good white girl stream and can be moved. Hu lawd. This is what year? and a mother in 11 said, she knew she had her race other than a baby, so her child will have a good hair. Her children's father is Hispanic.

The main guest is a black woman, who is considered to be natural, concerned people will believe her. Girl, you are not your plastic surgery! you can go back to Perm, if you don't like it. Calm down.

Wig is more comfortable, more than one hard wig nature. Basically, some celebrities wearing invisible lace front wigs, giving them the most natural appearance and the latest models. The wig is versatile, can be cut suite your style. Full lace wig you can wear in high ponytail, flow, in any direction that you want to break up.

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