News; Know more about human hair

Published: Friday 12 November, 2010

When people decide to buy some human hair products, the challenge is that there're so many choices out there which will be much confusing. You'd better know the different kinds of available human hair on the market. There're many human hair types and synthetic fiber types. Those who can afford it can go the route natural hair like this seems much more authentic. Full lace human hair wigs make users look like have their own real hair on head. These are more expensive than other versions, as they're the genuine article. The prices could vary from a few hundred dollars for a few thousand dollars.

Prices for different human hair type as Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Russian and European etc are different. I make a brief introduction of these hair types.

Chinese human hair: Chinese human hair is the most applied human hair material for wigs. China's big population guarantees the plenteous hair resource. The hard and straight texture Chinese hair can be bleached and dyed after acid treatment. But Chinese hair is thin. Chinese human hair made wigs can do any hairstyles easily and welcomed in USA and Europe.

Indian human hair: Indian hair is with wavy texture and much softer than Chinese hair. It's easy broken after chemical treatment and not very good for restyle. Indian hair is cheap and wildly used for lace front human hair wigs.

Russian human hair: Russian hair is good quality and with similar texture and look with European hair. Russian hair made wigs are high wecomed by Europe people. But it's expensive and not in big quantity.

Brazilian human hair: Brazilian hair is thick and with natural curves. It's very good quality human hair and easy to go any style. Brazilian human hair made wigs are in big demands.

European human hair: European hair is of the most natural color for local people wigs needs. It's the most expensive hair material on the maket. European hair is very soft and not suitalbe for bleaching, dyeing and other treatments. It's usually directly used for hair extensions.

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