News; What are the benefits of custom lace wigs

Published: Thursday 11 November, 2010

Why so many people wait for over a month to get a custom lace wig rather than choose from stock? Everyone will rush to stock lace wigs if they can totally meet their requirements. Custom lace wigs are the most perfect application. They are always designed after an exact calculation of the cap size, skin tones, shoulder width and more. You can even require the wig store to design your lace wig to fit in each particular case. For example, long hair with silky texture of wedding parties metaxenia and religious events. A distinctive techno crops for the parties. Rodisei locks for partying on the beach. Your choices are endless.

Beside of some very special needs, the custom lace wigs bring the users many basic benefits. I just talk 2 points: hair density and hair color. 

Density is the thickness of the hair in a wig dantellwn is installed. There are many options of hair density from 80% to 200%. Light density is 80% natural density of hair and used near line of hair. The medium density 100% of natural hair is the majority used by wigs. Heavy density is by 150% and used near pachyteri parts, such as Crown and closer to the back of the head. Most of the stock lace wigs are with density 100%. But it's not always the best look on some special hairstyles. Custom full lace wigs for a very tall lady often take the density of 150%. Some spiral curls for a petite girl would be in 80% or 90% density.

You will find out that there're really plenty of colors for custom full lace wigs and custom lace front wigs. The limited colors of stock lace wigs only contain 6 basic colors. But for custom lace wigs, there're more than 20. And you can apply mixed colors, multiple colors and high lighted colors to your wig. A wig with delicate colors will help you too much of a characteristic hairstyle. And it's getting easier to have the celebrities hairstyle on yourself. If you are good at appling wig color, you will be the focus on any occassion.

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