News; Tips of buying and applying lace front wigs

Published: Wednesday 10 November, 2010

When you decide to buy lace front wigs, it won't just for fun. Something you have to think about before you go a store or online order. Or you may buy a non-ideal costly lace front wig.

Hair type: real human hair or synthetic fiber. Human hair includes Indian Remy hair and Asian Remy hair which are comparatively cheaper than a Brazilian, Malaysian or European Remy as they have the greatest demand. Asian hair is usually thick, straight and dark and you will find many in stock. Indian Remy hair is fine to make out any style of lace front wigs. Synthetic lace front wigs are much cheaper than human hair made lace front wigs. This may not seem so natural and of course not feel soft to the touch. You cannot make a large part of a style, or traditionally the hair won't work on them. If you are just interested in a fashion hairstyle but you don't expect long period wearing, synthetic lace front wig is ideal choice of a nice hair design.

Hair length and texture: It's no doubt that short length can not be fixed to longer. And longer lace front wigs are more expensive than the short one - one of the cost element of lace wigs is the hair length. Though human hair lace front wigs can be restyled, but we do not suggest you do that. More restyling more damage to the hair. You should consider that you like it in curly, wavy or straight. 

Color: It's very important thing you have to think about. An improper wig color will ruin you whole look. Lace front wigs are not wigs for costume or parties, you will take it as your daily headware.

As to applying lace front wigs, it's not difficult. But some important tips you have to pay attention to. When cut the lace, please do not cut any hair. Or you will destroy the natural hairline. Make sure you have cleaned and dried the skin under your hairline very well. That is the key step of a successful attachment. Choose good lace glue if your front front wig does not have clips in the front.

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