News; What is Remy hair, Yaki hair and Silky hair?

Published: Sunday 07 November, 2010

I bet most of our customers they are not very clear about the definition of Remy hair, Yaki hair and Silky hair. Hopefully you will know how to decide the hair texture after reading this introduction.

Remy hair is defined as the same donor to whom epidermides retained intact and hair are organized face the same direction from the root to the edges. The skin hair is the outer layer of the hair which provides protection to the hair. Intact epidermides put the level, allowing a reflective surface, which features a shiny appearance. Remy hair includes Yaki hair and non Yaki hair - Silky hair.

Yaki hair, on the other hand, refers to editing texture in which the hair looks like chemical loose hair. Exquisite hair can range from a synthetic, Matt or non-Remy source. Non-Remy hair collected from various sources and not from a single donor. Epidermides is usually destroyed before treatment. However, Remy hair made out the best quality Yaki hair.

Yaki texture is process that do to your wig that adds a mini hub for hair strands to imitated Africa-American people loose hair. The metaxenia texture straight hair is the natural state of Indian hair together comes from the donor. It is similar to the wig of ofay. If you are Caucasian, we recommend that you select metaxenia texture.

Someone said, metaxenia straight hair looks fake in African American, Yaki seems realistic. Like you don't know all African Americans have the same type of hair, what looks good on one person might not look good for another. What ever type of hair you can decide to make sure it matches your hair type. Silky is very simple, exquisite has a natural texture and appearance.

If you are still not very clear about the Yaki hair and Silky hair, I show you pictures of yaki lace front wigs. It keeps straight hair in very good condition and not easy to be warped. Many people not only African and African American like Yaki hair wigs very much.
Silky hair is commonly applied into most wigs. In my experience, most curly wigs do not use Yaki hair but Silky hair. Here is also some images of silky lace front wigs:

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