News; What are the best lace wigs?

Published: Wednesday 03 November, 2010

If you are a person in pursuit of perfection, I bet you hold same attitude to everything of you. Like many women who shown Hollywood stars' hairstyle image and wanted to get the best hairstyle on herself, people also look for the best when they choosing a lace wig. As we known, others' best may not good on yourself. We suggest that lace wigs users don't only keep your eyes on others or celebrities. You should know how to find the best lace wigs for yourself.

Firstly, what type of lace wigs you need for. There're full lace wigs, lace front wigs and front full lace wigs for selection. Full lace wigs mostly made by human hair in remy and silky texture. All hair strands sewn to the full head lace cap making the full lace wig like your own hair. You can do make any hairstyle with full lace wigs. Lace front wigs are hand sewing front and machine weft back. There're human hair lace front wigs and synthetic lace front wigs. Human hair lace front wig can be restyled and colored. But it can not be tied up to make ponytails and updos. Synthetic lace front wigs are not suggested restyling and coloring if the synthetic fiber is not heat resistance. Front full lace wig is the perfect improvement of lace front wigs. It's with lace around the wig cap. So you can make ponytail and updos too. But the visual effect is not as good as full lace wigs.

Now, you know 3 types of lace wigs. And I must tell you know the costs. Full lace wigs are the most costly, human hair front full lace wigs take second place, human hair lace front wigs the 3rd, synthetic front full lace wigs next, then synthetic lace front wigs. More and more people are intent on changing hairstyles but have cost problem if they go full lace wigs every time. So lace front wigs are hot welcomed. In fact, if you change wigs frequently, I suggest synthetic lace front wigs. The cost is very small and the hair design is perfect. human hair front full lace wigs will be more popular as they are useful and economic. If you are good at applying the best lace front wigs, you will really love the life with wigs.
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