News; How to Choose the Right Density For Custom Lace Wigs?

Published: Friday 29 October, 2010

A high quality lace wig is usually made from human hair that is hand tied to the lace base. The hair is well knotted into the lace and it will give you the illusion as if the hair is growing out of the scalp. Full lace and lace front wigs have become the latest innovation in non-surgical hair replacement fields. They have been in use by many celebrities for many years and now they are well known to the public. If you want to have the most authentic and natural look, it is certainly very important to choose the right density while making your custom lace front wigs or full lace wigs.

It is based on your personal choice to order the right hair density so as to get the best look on you. You need to consider how thick the hair of your lace wig is. Lots of women get very natural looking with light to medium or medium density. But you should choose the density according to your individual profile and styling preferences. You can look at some popular hair density choices in full lace and lace front wig industry below.   
The first is the light density which is 60% thickness hair compared with an average head of hair. Light density on full lace wigs or lace front wigs shows a medium amount of scalp. It is usually selected by people who does not have much volume in the natural hair. And this density is very popular with elder women. Another is light to medium density which is just the thickness of an average head of hair. With this density, the full lace wig or lace front wig have light density along the hairline and medium density elsewhere. This density is most requested for custom lace wigs. The heavy density is that of 150% thickness to an average head of hair. This density of lace wigs are usually worn by performers who need a heavy style. As it is too much hair to get natural look, it is not recommended to be used in customizing lace wigs. After knowing about these details, I believe that you can make your custom lace wigs look more natural.  
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