News; How to style and store custom lace wigs?

Published: Thursday 28 October, 2010

It takes some practice and special techniques to take care of human and fiber hair lace wigs to make them last for longer time. Be careful to avoid  tangling or knotting the hair while washing and cleaning the wig. If you want your custom lace wigs to remain healthy and natural looking, you should know how to style and take care of them properly.

It is simple to style your custom lace wigs that is made from fiber hair or human hair if you the process. Do not comb the lace wig until it is completely dry. Whether the lace wig is worn or not, make sure to hold the base of the part to be combed. This is to avoid the wig hair being pulled out. Using a pinhead brush to gently comb your custom lace wig back into style if it has longer hair. You can style your lace wig with curling tong and heated rollers, but this is only used on high temperature fiber lace wigs and human hair lace wigs. Don't over brush the curls and scrunch them into style for natural look. If your wig is a common fiber hair lace wig, just use quality fiber oil while combing in order to reduce tangling and knotting. There are lots of special products such as wig shampoo, conditioner and spray that are specially made to maintain your custom lace wigs and also well hold the style.                 

When it comes to store your custom lace wigs, make sure to stay away from direct sunlight. Fiber lace wigs tend to fade if stored in the very strong sunlight too often. So you need to avoid this kind of wigs directly exposures to the strong sunlight. This will make them keep for longer time. It is better to keep your custom lace wig on a stand or block if not in use. This way can not only keep the wig's shape, but also prevent the hairs from knotting and tangling. Remember to consult the shop or website if there are some additional tips to take care of your lace wig.              

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