News; Remove Your Lace Wigs Properly to Protect Your Hair piece

Published: Tuesday 26 October, 2010

There are lots of lace front wigs and full lace wigs on sale now. Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are usually more expensive than common wigs. So do you want your lace wigs to be ruined by your careless removal? In order to make your lace wig last for longer time and reduce trips to the hair salon, it is necessary to spend time learning how to remove your lace wig properly. It will also be good to your skin.  

There are many people pulling the lace wigs straight off their head if the wig is to slack. Because many lace front wigs are pasted at the front with adhesive, it needs to remove the adhesive gently from the skin and the wig so as to avoid damage to them. And it will be beneficial to the next application and protect the lace seam if all the adhesive is removed. Do not use abrasive materials such as paper towels and cotton wool to apply adhesive remover. They will damage the delicate lace edge and your skin.  

You should clip the full lace wig hair or lace front wig hair back from the face to make a clear view of the lace seam. This is to make sure that there is no adhesive remover contacting with the wig hair. There are two types of adhesive remover you can use to remove your lace wig. Oil based lace wig adhesive remover will be very good choice if you have sensitive skin, for they are gentle on the skin. And C22 oil adhesive remover can be left on the skin or wig to soak of more stubborn adhesives. There are spray form offered so you can spray it along the lace seam. Another is alcohol based adhesive remover. They can act fast and do not leave residue on the hairpiece or skin. Because you can not spray them towards the face, you should use a cotton bud to apply them. Dip the cotton bud with the adhesive remover and apply to the lace seam. Wait until the seam begins to peel away from the face. Work carefully to make sure that all edges are covered.
Gently pull the lace seam away from one side to the other when the adhesive remover comes to work. Lift the lace wig off and put it on your wig stand to retain its shape after the wig seams are completely away from your face. Clean your face to remove residue of adhesive and adhesive remover. After knowing about the way of removing your lace wigs properly, I believe that your lace wigs can keep for longer time.  
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