News; Choosing Proper Lace Wigs to Beat the Heat

Published: Saturday 23 October, 2010

It is great for many people to show off their coif in spring and summer seasons. But lots of women can't well handle their hair in hot weather. To many people, it seems that it is a bad idea to wear lace wigs in hot days. But if you do well, you can keep comfortable, cool as well as looking great all year round with your lace wigs. Besides, wearing a lace wig can prevent your natural hair from damaging in hot weather. Because the sunlight, heat and air pollutants in hot days can cause hair damage. 

You need to know how to choose a proper lace wig so as to keep cool and still look fabulous in the hot seasons. First, you should choose the right cap type of your lace wig, no matter it is lace front wig cap or full lace wig cap. Lace caps such as Swiss and French lace are wonderful for ventilation.  Though the two cap types are the most common on the market, there are still some other new options which have good results. Then, you need to choose the proper hair color of your lace wig. It is a simple way to beat the heat if you get the right hair color. It is well known to us all that darker colors can attract heat, so your lace wig will retain a lot of heat if it is in hair colors such as black, off black and very dark brown. So just wear lighter colors during the hot months. Honey blondes and lighter browns are very good base colors for you to choose. 

The hair type of your lace wig is also needed to take consideration. Although human hair is more natural in appearance than synthetic hair, it is much more expensive. When it comes to beat the heat, each has its pros and con's. Human hair lace wigs are usually more lightweight and have lots of ventilation in the beginning. But it will cause shedding after being styled by heat styling tools. Thus your own hair will be exposed to the harsh sunlight and cause damage. Synthetic hair is wonderful because the styles can remain longer than human hair. But lower quality synthetic hair can also attract much heat from plastic materials. Thus you need to know well about these relevant elements if you want to buy a lace wig to wear in any season of the year. 

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