News; Clean Your Human Hair Lace Wigs Properly

Published: Sunday 17 October, 2010

It is important to know how to clean your human hair lace wigs properly whether you wear them to add your styles or because of medical situations. You need to take good care of your lace wig if you want it to keep fresh look and bring you long-term enjoyment. In general, human hair lace wigs are not only expensive but also need extra and gentle care. You can prolong the life of your wig if you well maintain it every twelve to fifteen days.

While taking care of your human hair lace wig, cleaning it in the right way is the point. First, you need to mount the wig on the wig block after a plastic cover is put on the block to protect its canvas. Try to loosen the hairspray or dirt by gently brushing the wig. Fix the human hair wig with some T-pins in the front, at the back and on the sides on the block. While cleaning the wig, just move it around. Soak the wig with nonflammable liquid cleanser, then dip the wig up and down until clean. Remember to clean the inside and edges of the lace mesh with cotton balls dipped in liquid cleanser. Remove excess water on the wig by gently shaking it. After you take your wig from the water, put it on the block and dry it with a towel.  

As human hair is a bit delicate, it needs to take care with more sensitive products. I think it is necessary to buy a good wig shampoo to wash it. And it is essential to buy a wig protein spray to protect the hair strands from becoming brittle, for it is very important to bring the protein back into the hair after washing. Whether you own human hair lace front wigs or human hair full lace wigs, there is no doubt that you should properly clean them to keep them last for longer time.  
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