News; Do something to bring your full lace wig more natural look

Published: Wednesday 29 September, 2010

As is known to us all, full lace wigs are the most natural and realistic wigs available on the market nowadays. This is mainly because of their natural appearance, qualities and they are loved by many celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Beyonce. The base of full lace wigs is bascially made by a fine lace material and the lace material is tinted so as to match your complexion and skin color. As so many ladies fall in love with lace wigs, many companies sacrifice quality for quantity of these wigs. 

There are many things you can do to bring your full lace wig more natural appearance if you have gotten a poorer appearance full lace wig. At first, you need to tweeze the hairline. The very important thing of a lace wig is to make a natural hairline, for it is the point sign to tell whether it is a wig or not. You can visit a professional lace wig store to have the density changed on your human hair full lace wig. This will be a little expensive but you can get very good results. You can also tweeze the hairline to an expected density at your own home. Just start to tweeze strand by strand in the first row of the lace. 

Secondly, you need to wash your full lace wig with Apple cider vinegar. As synthetic material full lace wigs usually have a shine implying others that it is a wig. Apple cider vinegar can get rid of the shine, gentle cleanse and soften the hair. What's more, the acidity in vinegar can break down dirt from styling products contained in the wig. Thirdly, you need to brush your full lace wig with baking soda. It acts in the similar effect as the apple cider vinegar to reduce shine. Just put some baking soda on the brush and then brush through the whole full lace wig. This will keep the shine the same all around.      

Now you know how to how to make your full lace wig look more natural, just do as what is suggested above. I believe that your full lace wig will have more natural appearance after your good care.   
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