News; Apply Your Lace Front Wigs in the Right Way

Published: Tuesday 13 September, 2011

Lace front wigs are always the secret weapon for many celebrities to make fabulous looking hairstyles. And the trend of applying lace front wigs has recently become popular among our ordinary people. There are various lengths, colors and styles of lace front wigs available on the market now. The large amount of front lace wigs and full lace wigs provide lots of hairstyles to match their needs and lifestyles. Besides giving the women good looking hair, lace front wigs also have invisible hairlines. This makes the most authentic looking hairline and bring very stunning look.

If you have bought a lace front wig, you need to know how to apply your lace wig in the right way. First, you can use liquid adhesives or double-sided tape to stay the wig in place. When buying the lace front wig, you can often get adhesives from the seller. So you need not to consider the problem of buying what kind of adhesive. If no adhesive is attached, just buy either of the two adhesives designed specifically for applying wigs.

Try to cut the tape into 3-inch strips while using a double-sided tape. Lay the first strip on the patch area where your lace front wig may connect to. The tape should be attached at the edge of the lace and on the front hairline. Put the other two strips on the edge of the lace from edge to edge until the entire front side of the wig is laid down by the tapes. You should first put the wig on the top of your head when using liquid adhesive, thus you won't glue them on your forehead. Keep your hair out of the way when applying the adhesive. Press down your lace front wig to the place where the adhesive is applied. 

It is really important to know the right way of applying lace front wigs, otherwise you won't get very natural and stunning look even if you get a stylish and authentic looking front lace wig. Good wear lace front wigs just can be thought as the best lace wigs!

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