News; Prevent Damage From Your Lace Front Wigs

Published: Monday 11 October, 2010

High quality Indian Remy human hair lace front wigs are usually designed to last about one year. And luxurious thick hair is always the sign of health and youth. But not every people has that kind of hair. Disease and medical treatments can make hair unattractive and thinner. You can consider about wearing good quality lace front wigs. They have mesh lace base and are the most natural look. In general, they are very safe. But if you do not take care, they can still cause damage to you.

Glue is usually used to make very natural wear of the wig. First, you should put your lace front wig on before triming the extra lace at the front so as to catch the glue if you need glue when wearing the wig. Do not cut the lace too short, because it may cause excessive pull and a bad fit. It is better to slick hair back with a wig stocking. You'd better apply the glue directly on the skin rather than on existing hair so as to not to damage   your scalp and existing hair. Please do not use nonventilated fabric to keep your hair under the wig, for it can cause damage to your existing hair. You should use lace release remover to remove the glue first before putting off your wig, and let the glue remover sit for a few minutes. This will not pull your hair out while pulling the wig from your scalp. As infection is infrequent but may occur, you should keep your lace front wig and hair clean. This may require you to wash the wig as the wig maker recommends in order to prevent any possibility of fungal infection. 

Though wearing a wonderful lace front wig can be of great pleasure, it is also very important to keep them from doing harm to you. Only by this way can you get the real happiness and health while wearing a wig. After knowing how to keep damage from your lace front wigs, you can now wear the wig without worrying. Welcome to search for human hair lace front wigs and synthetic lace front wigs here.

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