News; Choose Lace Wigs According to Your Face Shape

Published: Sunday 10 October, 2010

In general, a good quality lace wig can make most women look attractive. But it will make you sparkle if you get a perfect lace wig. And it is not very easy to find the perfect one for the wig color, hair and quality. If you choose the right hairstyle of wig, it will frame your face better while the improper one may detract your beauty. So it is really very important to select the lace wig according to your face shape. 

There are many styles of lace wigs used to add roundness if your face is round with a rounded chin and full cheeks. The hairstyles that are chin length with fullness along the ears are suitable to create a more rounded look. Your lace wig with blunt bangs is also not flattering. Long length human hair lace wig can do well on your face for long styles of hair can offset your round face. Fullness at the crown and off center parts hairstyle will make your face look more slender.    
Many women want to offset their long faces by getting shorter cuts or using longer hair. But this behavior just make their long faces look more obvious and drastic. Full styles for width and soft bangs for shortening can work best to balance the shape of your long face. Medium length full wavy or curly lace wigs are very good choices for this type of face shape. A glossy back high ponytail full lace wig will also work well. You must have a bone structure and strong jaw to distinguish your face from a round face if you are in the square face shape. You goal of this type of face shape is to give it a softer appeal and elongate the face. You can flatter the face with a short to medium length lace wig in a wavy texture. And  wispy bangs of the style can help to bring more feminine appeal.  

There are many types of face shapes, I just take several types for example. Only lace wigs which fit your face shape perfectly can be defined as the  best lace wigs
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