News; What do you think of stock lace wigs?

Published: Saturday 09 October, 2010

Stock lace wigs are made to suit most people's head. And they always have many lengths and colors. Compared with custom lace wigs, stock lace wigs are usually much cheaper. While making stock lace wigs, wig makers do not need to consider about the individual specifications. So the wigs can be created in large amount without specific measurements and extra labor. A stock lace wig will be the best choice if you are the first time to buy a wig and want to experiment the feeling of wearing a wig. 

Most people may think that stock lace wigs are worse quality and less variety than custom lace wigs for their massive production. But it is actually not the truth. We can find all sizes, lengths, textures and colors of stock lace wigs on the market now. And both synthetic hair and human hair can be used to make stock lace wigs. What's more, you can customize it with your own idea if you want. For the one who loves to style her own hairstyles as if it was her own hair, a stock lace wig can be restyled, colored and cut as long as you like. If you think that the length is too long but love the color, just have it cut. This will be more cost-effective than going out to buy an expensive custom lace wig. 

Stock lace wigs are always ready to change while custom lace wigs can only last for a few months. But there are also some disadvantages about stock units. You may feel unaccustomed to wear a stock lace wig after wearing a custom hair wig. And the lace is usually made by French Lace which is sometimes rather stiff and slightly thicker. 

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