News; protect your scalp and comfortable to wear lace front off

Published: Monday 16 January, 2012

For a long time to wear a wig if you do not take proper precautions will make your scalp hair hard. Choose the attention wig wig adhesive used will have a great impact on your skin, your scalp is another key to good health. That's the premise of how healthy beautiful hair to fully experience the joy?

 To keep your scalp healthy, in front lace wig to wear, you need to use 70-75% isopropyl alcohol to clean the pores, remove oil and remove perspiration.

 Front lace wig lace is often used in the liquid adhesive, so you can use a variety of lace, keeping smooth scalp, but the response of different adhesives for different people have different reactions, swelling, or if you encounter a long time discomfort, be sure to try another adhesive or attachment method to avoid skin and health problems.

 The above tips, you can protect your scalp and comfortable to wear lace front off.
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