News; Well maintain your synthetic lace wigs

Published: Friday 08 October, 2010

Now many people like to use wigs to enhance their appearance. There are two common types used to make wigs, that is human hair and synthetic fiber. Compared with human hair lace wigs, synthetic lace wigs are easier to take care of. Generally, a common synthetic lace wig can last for a half year. But if you take good care of it, you can keep it in good condition and prolong its lifetime. 

You should know how to style, wash and store your synthetic lace wig in the right way when coming to the wig care. As specifically made products are required for synthetic lace wigs, you need to buy some special wig shampoo and hairspray. When washing and styling your synthetic lace wig, remember to use these products. 

If your synthetic lace wig is in use everyday, it is better to wash it at least once a week. You need to untangle the wig before washing it. Just use a wire brush or your fingers to brush the synthetic lace wig. Do not use the mild shampoo which contains conditioner, for it will dry the hair and make it brittle. You need to wash it with lukewarm water. Use a towel to dry your wig after washing and put it on a wig stand untill it is totally dry. 
Using your fingers to untangle the wig and brush it when styling. While combing your synthetic lace wig, you need to pin the wig on the wig stand with  T-pins. After it has dried, you can style it as you like. It is also important to properly store the synthetic lace wigs. If there are curls, you should roll the hair with seven to ten rollers. You can wrap the synthetic lace wig with crumpled old newspapers. Put it in a plastic bag. 

So you know how to well maintain your synthetic lace wigs now. Though synthetic lace wigs are usually affordable, it still demands good care. Welcome to our website to search for synthetic lace front wigs of your style!      

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